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Best Yoga Classes & Yoga Studio in Bangalore - YogaDoDo

My job requires me to sit for around 8 hours straight. I faced many health problems like indigestion, backache, and stress because of work pressure. Even after coming back from work, I felt burnt out. I wanted to use my spare time to do something worthwhile. I took up working out in the gym but felt it to be too monotonous and tiring.

One fine day, while I was crossing HSR Layout in Bangalore, I saw an appealing yoga studio and wanted to visit it. So, I visited this yoga studio called Yoga Dodo. I met the yoga teacher there and looked at the yoga studio. The yoga studio had good ambience and all the facilities we require. I thought why not take up yoga for a change?

 I enrolled in their classes and started practising yoga. In Yoga Dodo, it is not just about doing yoga asanas. They believe that there is much more to yoga than just asanas. Here we are taught pranayam and meditation along with yoga. This gives students a complete sense of satisfaction, and it was a wonderful experience in this yoga studio. I would say that this is one of the best yoga classes in HSR Layout. I still practise yoga there and will continue doing so.

Yogadodo provide Best Yoga Classes & Yoga Studio in Bangalore and also Best yogic practices like Asana, Meditation, Pranayama,Yoga Nidra, Mudra, Mantra, and others, which are designed to support one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Yoga means union, the union of inner-self with a deeper understanding of life and existence. Yoga is a combination of various physical, mental and spiritual activities that help us achieve physical and mental wellness. Yoga gives us the choice of selecting various combinations of activities to choose and execute from it, so that we can achieve the goals of life.
Nowadays, the world is full of people who focus on just physical health, fitness and outer appearance, they do not understand that it is important to take care of their mental health and other personalities. They turn to yoga asanas just to get fit, to look cool and get noticed by everyone. While there is nothing wrong about it, one should also understand that there is more in life than just physical beauty. The real essence of yoga lies within performing all aspects of yoga with a complete understanding of it.

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