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Best Vastu tips for Showroom

A Vastu complaint showroom is built with proper directional system, Keeping in purpose to plan for the placement of things like cash counter, placement of shop material. Nowadays, more people started believing Vastu. If the shop is going to be constructed, then it is wise to take Vastu consultation so that the shop can be made according to Vastu. But if the shop is already built, then Vastu remedies can work. A Vastu expert can give proper advice that can make the shop according to Vastu standards, which are assumed to lead progress.

Every person starts a business to become wealthy and prosperous but not every business or job gets successful. Some get direct offerings and recognition, while others have to go through obstructions.

Have you ever watched there are several stores in a path, but every store has different clients, some shops have a variety of buyers while some shops are empty? What is the cause of this gap? The shop is in the same area, products are identical, prices are equal, services are the same but why there is a vast difference between the no of customers?

Believe it or not, it can be due to negative energies and unsuitable directions. Precise directions are of much importance. Vastu for showroom can bring a change.

Here are some Vastu tips for factory and Showrooms, follow them see the changes

1. According to Vastu, the shape for the showroom should be square or rectangular. Other shapes likes triangle or any irregular shaped rooms for the shop as it can drive to irregular income. Shape plays an important role it can cause monetary losses.

2. Make sure to keep the entrance of the shop clean, clutter-free and comprehensive. Vastu consultant suggests that the door of the shop should be entirely open. There should be no obstruction at the entrance like trees, poles, statues, etc. There should not be any stagnancy of water or any door sill for the main door for continuous flow of +ve energy.

3. Vastu shastra suggests using the water fountain in the north-east direction. Avoid any large things on the north-east side as it is one of the holy areas of the showroom.

4. Vastu Shastra suggests the shape of the counter should be angular, square, and rectangular but don't make it circular or curvy shapes. Also, make sure there is enough space on the counter. Cash counter should be in the north and make sure the counter is never empty.

5. Position of the Shop Owner also matters a lot sitting in a right position brings opportunity and better chances to increase the performance. It is advisable never to sit facing south or west as it can lead to problems in business. The best-suited direction for the cashier is in the south-east direction.

6. Place auspicious Symbols in the shop. In every showroom, there is a small temple, and some symbols hung near the counter as a sign of blessings from God. These symbols keep all the negative powers away and enhance the inflow of capital. Also, start every day by lighting a lamp and incense sticks in the temple.

In conclusion, earning money is very important for the smooth flow of life, vastu shastra can help you removing the obstacle.

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