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Best of Artificial Intelligence Android Apps

Artificial Intelligence Services is one of the most popular advances in science and technology. This demonstrates the use of human-level intelligence and accuracy for machines. In other words, machines that learn to think and behave like humans. Machines and applications of artificial intelligence have provided tremendous benefits to humans, helping to provide an easier and more accurate way to complete tasks. These machines do not experience emotional challenges that encourage human error and they are not biased in their judgment, they are also not tired.


Artificial intelligence applications have been used in almost every field that exists; from tourism to business, from holidays to health. Whatever field you have in mind, there is an artificial intelligence application that can help simplify work. Below are 12 artificial intelligence applications that can be used on Android devices;

Best of Artificial Intelligence Android Apps

1. Cortana:

Cortana is a popular personal assistant application developed by Microsoft. It has amazing features that help you easily track important files, images, videos and more from your device. You can easily synchronize your PC and smartphone to get notifications on your device. You can easily set reminders on your PC to get files and it will remind you of your smartphone. This is a good artificial intelligence application where you can easily get artists, sports, TV shows, serials and more on your smartphone.


2. Google Allo:

Google Allo is a messaging application that allows users to act as an Android phone via voice. It can also be used as a voice to text application on an Android device. Users can also simply express their emotions and feelings using emojis and stickers. Users can use this application to hide their search history through incognito mode. This is suitable for people who are very tired or lazy but still want to continue working. The Smart Reply feature of the application studies user behavior and gives suggestions to text and photos based on typical user replies.


3. Hound:

Hound is a smart artificial Android application that works similar to Google Voice Search. You can activate Hound without tapping the screen, all you have to do is say "Okay Hound". Hound can be used for various activities. This can be used to search for keywords on the internet, find out the current weather or weather forecast, find the nearest food restaurant, order an Uber ride or make a calculation. Hire an Android application developer if you need an application like Hound.

4. ELSA:

For those who want to improve their English language skills, hire an Android application developer to help you develop applications such as ELSA. ELSA (English Speaking Assistant) is one of the most popular Android artificial intelligence applications for learning English. Users will be able to learn English and improve their pronunciation in less than 4 weeks using the application. The application also has a test developed by experts who can help users track their learning progress and get full daily progress reports.


5. Robin:

This is yet another voice assistant artificial intelligence application for Android users. This can help users compose text messages without the need to enter text. It can also help you get GPS navigation and rest for all the work you need to do. Robin can be used to get traffic status, Twitter news, weather forecasts or even to find a parking space. It is an excellent application for people who drive and do not want to leave the road of the eyes. If you like to do a task while driving and you do not want to leave the road of the eyes, you must engage an Android application developer to develop an application such as Robin.


6. Recent News:

Recent News is an artificial intelligence news aggregation application used on Android devices. Its algorithm studies users' reading habits. Using your reading habits, past behavior, and interests, the app will keep users informed of the latest articles, news, and other relevant information. It helps users stay informed and up-to-date on topics they find interesting. It allows users to tag articles and later export them to other devices so you can read them later.


7. Siftr Magic:

In this smartphone world, people have fallen deeply in love with the photo, so that they take several pictures each day. Some of these photos will never be returned or needed. The images taken by smartphones are usually bulky and therefore occupy a lot of space. Siftr Magic is an artificial intelligence application available on Android that can detect unwanted photos on your smartphone. The application uses machine learning to find photos that, in his opinion, are not so important to users. The application does not delete photos; it only suggests images that it considers irrelevant to the user. If you run out of space on your Android device because of your photos, you need to hire an Android app developer to help develop an app like Siftr Magic.

8. Socratic:

Mathematics has also been a challenge for many people. Socratic is one of the most popular artificial intelligence Android apps that can help you do your math homework. It can help users to do their math homework very quickly. Just take a picture of the work done with the camera app. It will provide you with relevant concepts that you can adopt to solve the problem at the right time. Hire an Android application developer to help develop an app like Socratic for increased efficiency of math homework.


9. Replika:

This is called the best friend app. Replika is one of the most popular and advanced artificial intelligence applications. Originally developed for iPhones, it is now available on Android devices. The app can have a conversation with its users, just like a real human. His conversation does not seem to be automated. The application can set the user's preferences. Therefore, his conversation, which can begin as a generic, begins to be more specific and personalized. Replies will develop a friendship similar to any real relationship. Hire an Android application developer to help you develop an app for best friend.

10. Edison Assistant:

Also known as an easy-to-use wizard, this smart Android artificial application can be used to track traffic status before leaving home to work. The app will also suggest a less stressful and shorter route, wherever you are and wherever you go. In addition to facilitating traffic, Edison Assistant can also help remove multiple phone contacts and in booking tickets for hotels, movies, events, etc.

11. Swift Key keyboard:

This is the most common keyboard application on a smartphone used by both Android and iOS devices. The application allows automatic correction of text and sentences. The app can help users get the correct words on their devices.

12. FaceApp

FaceApp is another popular artificial intelligence application developed by Facebook for Android and iOS users. It helps you to easily transform your images into a beautiful photo. You can easily change your look, sex, hairstyle and more using this app. It has cool filters that help you change your smile easily; add filters for the face and others on a photo. You can also use it as a hairstyle app to change the hairstyle of your photo and create a new one for free.


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