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Best Luxury tents in Jaisalmer and Best Jaisalmer Desert Camp Sam Sand Dunes

The mystical land of Rajasthan is sure to leave you spellbound. It offers a potpourri of different cultures and traditions, which makes it a distinct place. Visit countless monuments, forts and palaces of Rajasthan that still reverberate with the royal past. Experience the soul of this enchanting land on camel safaris in Rajasthan.

Royal Camps is a Jodhpur based camp arrangers, with 10 years of experience. Royal Camps in Jaisalmer provides Swiss tents in the traditional Indian environment with all type of facility including medical and accommodation facilities Desert camp in Jaisalmer. Not the kind of of holidays most people like. However, if you're not looking for bustling bazaars, jostling malls, videos in every room, music systems in every passing Car and other such tourist attractions, you might consider our camps quite charming.

Tents are consisting of fabric shelters which provide the kind of protection to the human beings. Tents usually used in the camping, or they can be used in adventures places. So, here Royal Camps provides Desert camp in Jaisalmer the tent services to the visitors at the reasonable cost. Tents are made of different fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, etc.


There are different types of tents which are: ridge Luxrry tents in Jaisilmer, dome tent, geodesic tent, instant tents, inflatable tents, khyam system, and many more. Ridge tent are the tents which are remarkably stable. Dome tents are the tents which are having the good stability and the domes can get less stable as they scale up in size. Geodesic tents are used to describe the tent where the poles crises- cross over the surface between the triangles.

 Instant tents are long, coiled; sprung frame is permanently fitted into the fabric of the tent. By twisting the frame, the tent becomes a circular package. Khyam tents are the type of tent which is permanent fitted to the fabric and putting the tent up is as simple as getting and letting the pole fall into the right position. So, here are the varieties of tents in which the company the Royal Camp in Jaisalmer Rajasthan deals in and provides the facility to the visitors.

Visit Rajasthan and spot the wildest of species in close proximity of the nature. Nature trails and eco-tourism parks in India have been developed as an attempt to reverse the damage done by territorial encroachment and to recreate a pristine environment. Explore the wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan and spend some time enjoying the peaks of adventure.


Desert camp in Jaisalmer , Luxury Desert camp in Jaisalmer

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Royal Camp in Jaisalmer - Desert camp in Jaisalmer offers the best budget camping in jaisalmer and Luxrry tents in Jaisilmer with best camp in Jaisalmer Rajasthan at Jaisalmer desent camp sam sand dunes.

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