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Benefits of beating clothes while washing:


You may have sometimes noticed in your home that clothes are beaten while washing it. And even New York Laundry service services do the same for some particular clothes or stains.


Of all, it is known that there were not always the comforts that we enjoy today to wash clothes. In the past, this long, tired, uncomfortable and tedious task was carried out in the river, beating the clothes against the stones, rubbing it with sand to remove the dirt. It is known, for example, that the ancient people already used some beaters of wood with which they beat the clothes against the stones.


In the era in which many of our novels take place this work was very laborious because until the first washing machines appeared all the clothes had to be washed by hand. This task was a work so exhausting that it was considered the cause of many diseases.


Benefits of beating clothes while washing:


1. Time management: According to studies, you lose about 5 hours a week washing clothes and that includes looking for dirty clothes, separating them, putting them to be washed, laying them, picking them up, folding whatever they are to fold and ironing whatever is ironing.


Opting to wash clothes with beating it, you can clean wash quickly and easily. It means more time to devote to other activities such as spending time with family, going on a trip, being with friends, discovering a new hobby or interest. The possibilities are endless.


2. Savings: In homes, the use of the washer and dryer is one of the components that increase the consumption of both water and energy. If you will beat clothes and wash, you will not require washing it in machines. In fact, the fixed costs in water, detergent, softener and the energy consumption of the washing machine. In this sense, opting for a service that allows having clean clothes at home is a benefit to be able to count on reductions in household consumption costs.


3. Garment care: All garments require different types of washing and specific care. If you will use the washing machine, you cannot care for your clothes but if you will wash it with your hands, your clothes will not be damaged as much as washing them in machines. In this sense, opting for a service that collects garments and gives them the necessary care to preserve them and that they can look is a beneficial option because it is left to experts.


If you do not want to exercise, it is better to give your clothes to New York Laundry service for a professional wash.


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