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Become a surrogate and help a family!

Do you want to become a surrogate mother? A lot of intended parents are waiting for you on Join this surrogacy community online and find a surrogacy agency online where you can search for intended parents and also meet other surrogate mothers and egg donors.

There are a lot of people who want to be parents but they can’t do it and only through surrogacy they can become their parenthood dream true. This online community helps people in USA and Canada to find the perfect match. In this website you can find same sex couples, heterosexual couples or single parents who wants to be parents and they find surrogacy to be their only and last option to become true their dream.

Sometimes, pregnancy and surrogacy can be challenging so it is essential that first of all you make up your mind and decided whether you want to become a surrogate mother or not, only after that should you go ahead. Surrogacy is a long and high demanding process and it is very important that you are prepared for it: talk with your husband and family, with a surrogacy lawyer and with your doctor before making a decision. Also, you should get information about the requirements to be surrogate mother and risks associated to this process, for example the pregnancy risks due to carry twins or triplets.

The surrogacy process can be complex, first you should pass a medical screening and a psychological assessment to check if all is ok before the fertility treatment.

A lot of intended parents are awaiting for a surrogate mother so if you are ready,find a surrogacy agency now. When you search for intended parents, check if they are aware about the surrogacy process, alsoit’s important that they want to develop a connection with you and they are willing to help and support you during the pregnancy.

There are only a few counties in which surrogacy is legal like the United States and Canada and if the baby is born in these two countries, he or she will be automatically an American or Canadian citizenship.

Helping someone to become a parent is great experience! It literally means a lot to the intended parents because they thought they can never had a kid but now it is all possible. Before matching with someone, you should ask them anything you want to know (there are no stupid questions in this process)and make sure you make all the precautions before you go ahead. Visit the to know more about surrogacy process. You can easily go through the 9 steps to get an idea how the actual process is.

Finally, women have different reasons why they want to become a surrogate mother. Some of them just want to give a gift of parenthood to people who can’t have it. Some have personal connection with surrogacy or with infertility problems. But whatever the reason you could have to be a surrogate, giving someone a chance to be a parent is priceless and you can’t imagine the happiness of the parents.

Remember! Before become a surrogate, you should be 100% committed to the process if you want it to be successful.


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Find Surrogate Mother, Intended Parents and Egg Donors online. Learn more about the surrogacy process in the United States or Canada and how much does surrogacy cost.

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