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Basics Of Creating Business Card Design For Your Company

It is true that we are moving more towards a paperless era. However, some things are still there that never changes. You can go in a meeting without having a notepad and take a note on your phone. But you cannot attend a meeting without a business card. Meetings seem incomplete if you do not hand over your business card to your potential clients.

There are a few things that you must remember if you are designing a business card. Let us take a look at the business card design ideas.

Size matters more than you think:

Business card is one such design that is mostly used in printed version. Even if you have a soft copy of your business card, the primary usage of the design is to get it printed on a card.

Hence, the basic principle that you must follow is to maintain the size of the design. While creating a design, it is common to go overboard. But in case of business card, you need to keep a least of 5mm from trimming edge. The typography that you choose should also be legible when printed.

Create a design depending on the size:

If you have ever used business card design software, you would know that there is no one particular shape for business card design. Rather, there are a couple of shapes that you can choose from. As recommended by the professional designers at, you can follow the standard size of design, which is 55 x 85 mm.
Of course there are other sizes available for your business card. But make sure that you first know which size the card is going to be and create a design depending on the size.

Avoid making complex design:

If you are creating a design for your company business card, you must make sure that the design is not a complex one. Why? The more complex the design will be the more it is going to look cluttered when printed. You have to admit that not every design that looks good digitally looks equally good when printed. The same theory you have to remember when creating the design for your business card as well.

 Follow die-cut process:

Suppose the business card that you are designing is apparently quite plain and simple. How can you make a statement and make the card look unique? You can follow die-cut process. In this process, you can either use color blocks to change the business card shape without actually changing the shape.

On the other hand, you can also choose to cut the name of the company in the middle of the business card. This will not only make the business card look unique but it will also make it more memorable.


Sometimes things that seem easy become difficult depending on how you see it. Creating a business card design may seem one of the easiest things in graphic designing. But if you do not pay attention to details, it may go wrong very easily.

On the other hand, small tweaks can make a simple design look unique. It all depends on the basics that you start your design with.


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