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Basics for kids interested in learning Chinese

There are several good schools in Torrance, South Bay that offer courses in Chinese for kids.

Learning how to speak in Mandarin Chinese is not as tough as some make it out to be. In fact there are several good schools in Torrance, South Bay that offer courses in Chinese for kids. For resident Asians this is a boon. The children learn their native language inspite of living in a foreign environment. They are introduced to their tradition and culture at an early age. Fact of the matter is learning Chinese is no longer just a way of keeping an age-old culture alive; it is not only for those of Chinese origin, people from other parts of the world are also opting for spoken Chinese classes. Chinese today is the language of business.

Some basics for all beginners:

Mandarin is basically a ‘stress-timed’ language. It has four tones. These are important because one single Chinese word can be spoken in any of the four tones and each would mean something completely different!

When you join any ‘speak Chinese in Torrance’ class the first thing you’ll be taught is to understand and appreciate the language. To begin with you should know that Mandarin is chiefly spoken in Mainland China and Taiwan. Modern Chinese languages came into existence and evolved between the 8th and 3rd centuries BC. Mandarin is the official Chinese dialect. It is also known as  "Putonghua".

Besides the fact that you can learn the language in the traditional classroom way, you can always indulge in some unconventional methods. Sing a song in Chinese, or stop by a local Chinese joint with your parents for a meal. Try chatting with the serving staff in Mandarin. Watch Chinese movies and correlate the dialogues with the subtitles. Enjoy!!!

Advantages of learning Chinese

The most important advantage of learning Chinese or any other language is it adds to your cv. Regardless of whether you are a doctor, engineer, teacher, or an IT professional, the institution that hires you will definitely prefer you over someone who doesn’t have foreign language skills. Your job prospects increase manifold. In case you wish to move to China you can easily adjust with the local culture simply because you can speak and understand their language.

Chinese businesses are flourishing in practically every field. They are investing outside China in foreign lands. This creates immense potential for those looking for employment in different fields. An organization will definitely prefer to hire you incase you have language skills.

For those who love to delve deeper into the study of foreign culture and tradition, learning spoken and written Mandarin can be the best decision ever. You can get a glimpse of the rich past of one of the oldest world cultures.

Importantly a huge chunk of the world population speaks Chinese, so why not learn the language and add an extra feather to your list of accomplishments.

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