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Banner Design Ideas That You Need To Try Today

Banner design should be able to attract the attention of your target audience. So, you need to come up with banner design ideas that are not only executable but that are also able to grab the attention.

Check out some of the banner design ideas that you can try out. You can hire professional graphic designers as well. Digital Polo, Inc. is one such company that has a lot of expert designers working under the same roof. So, you can hire the agency to provide you with company banner templates that you can use.

Energetic yet sophisticated:

Have you been thinking that energetic designs cannot look sophisticated? Well, it is not entirely true. Depending on the type of design that you create and the colors that you use for the banner, it can look both classy and energetic.

So, create a design where you can use a soft shade of brown as the base color. Brown is one of the most sophisticated colors. You can also choose a light shade of grey for the same reason. Pair the color up with a muted orange tone. While orange is a warm color that welcomes people, it also represents energy. Muted orange will make sure that the banner does not look too loud.

Citrusy bright:

On the contrary to what the previous banner looks like, you can go all the way for a bright citrusy banner design. Bright banner design is good for companies that deal in fashion or food as the colors used in this design is supposed to make people feel happy.

So, what do you need to do? You need to choose all the bright and contrasting colors. Colors that I prefer are grapefruit pink, lime green, lemon yellow, and summer orange. Each of the colors represents some citrus fruit that has the tangy flavor. Citrus fruits have a fresh feel to them and that is what we are targeting here. The colors that you choose will give the banner design idea a fresh feel.

Elegant with blue:

We all know that blue is associated with elegance and class. We even say ‘blue blood’ to refer to a person who is born in a noble family. Now, we will use the same color to create an elegant company banner design. You can use different shades of blue to create the banner.

However, I would recommend you use navy blue for the base of the banner. In case you want to make sure it does not look too dark, you can also use a muted blue such as azure blue. Pair it up with other lighter and darker shades of blue. To break the monotony of using different shades of only one color, you can use biscuit color to print your necessary information on the banner.


There are many other color combinations and banner design ideas that you can use to make a banner that stands out in the crowd. Before you get started with the banner, you need to understand what your target audience wants. You can curate the design of your banner as per the requirements of your prospects.


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Kevin Logan

The writer of this article researches and develops SEO blogs for Digital Polo. This is a graphic design company that offers a design solution at an affordable price.

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