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Journal of Astrology

Institute of Astrology, Bharitya Vidya Bhavan , New Delhi is the largest school of Astrology in the world. It has the largest research section anywhere, comprising of teachers and 300 senior students, who research various domains of life that affect a person in life. For example the Bhavan has published research, first in its field, in areas like marriage, profession, education and Jaimini Astrology. With 50 published books in Hindi and English and twelve of them being translated into Russian and Japanese, Bhavan stands unparalled in astrological activities

We have received hundreds of queries from lovers of astrology from all over the world wanting to learn Vedic Astrology. A lot of you wanted to know if we provide correspondence courses in astrology. We believe that astrology that can be absorbed can only be taught in a class by an experienced teacher of astrology.

We have been receiving requests from many people who are unable to do the two year course in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, to introduce a correspondence course. Instead we have decided to have personal teacher-student reaction which we have been having successfully with Russians since 1998 both at Moscow and in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. Since it is going to be the first ever personal teacher-student reaction for students other than from Russia , we would like them to answer the questions given below in an email and send them to us.

Proposed categorization 

i) Basic

ii) Middle 

iii) Advanced.

The proposed program can be made more meaningful for the participants if we know the level of their astrological knowledge.(Please answer the following questions in the same order as below and email them to us). We need to get this feedback from you as soon as possible so that we can guide you to the right class.

i) courses attended so far  

ii) The time since the participant is engaged in learning astrology

iii) Books read on astrology till date

iv) Reasons for joining the course

v) Paper written (if any)

vi) Paper presented (if any)

vii) Books written (if any)

viii) Educational background.

ix) Level of faith in Astrology

x ) Experience with astrologers and astrology.

Depending on the time available with the participant he or she can opt for the 15 day or the 7 day program. By making 3 levels it will be easier for us to offer meaningful course content to the participant based on his level of astrological knowledge. 

The books recommended for the basic course should be Learn Astrology Easily, Astrology Destiny and the Wheel of Time, Ups and Downs in Career and Yogi's Destiny and the Wheel of Time.

The Books for Middle level should include Karma and Rebirth, Risks and Tricks , Jaimini Chara Dasha, Vimshottari Dasha. Prashna by Deepak Kapoor, Sthir Dasha and a few more.

We will provide the participants with lunch and tea/snacks during the class days.

Each class day will be approximately 8 hours of instructions including one hour of lunch break.

Course Content (Tentative depending of level of those participating)

Astrology for beginners.

Parashari Predictive Principles 

Predicting through Vimshottari dasha 

Predicting through Chara dasha 

Use of Ashtakvarga in Predicting 

Varshaphal or Annual Horoscope

Prashna Astrology 

Mundane Astrology 

Jaimini Astrology

Other topics

We expect the participants to be well acquainted with basics of Vedic Astrology. You may read books by Dr. R. B. Dhawan and other teachers of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. Course material will be provided to the participants during their first day of classes.


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