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Are You Addicted To Bad Relationship & How To Break It

Are you in an addictive relationship with someone? Would you like to break free from your bondage and live a happy life? Do you want to break the cycle of addictive relationship? Then read on.

Reasons for addiction to a bad relationship

Addictive relationship phenomenon is generally caused by two major factors. The first one is masochism. It’s an abnormal sexual derive to be abused. Masochists are the individuals who are truly involved in an addictive relationship. Such persons always look to be treated abusively and badly. There is no simple option to get rid of this situation. The person needs intensive professional or spiritual help to get out of this cycle of bad relationship.

The second category involved the individuals who apparently look for a healthy and happy relationship. But they have the habits of developing bad relationships. There are two main causes. First, their choice of bad guys and the second is the wrong attitude and behavior toward their partners. Women usually choose wrong guys to develop romantic relationship and it eventually turn into addictive relationship.

How to break the cycle of an addictive relationship?

Analyze which parts of your bad relationship are fantasy and which are reality

In such a relationship, you see your partner through rose-colored glasses. You hope that your fantasies about your lover would come true some day. Don't pretend everything is going well just to maintain the attachment.  If you feel your partner is doing wrong, you must accept the reality.

Avoid physical connection with your partner

Physical connection works as a fuel for addictive relationship. These connections may include work projects, housing and finance. So you must change your bank account, apartment and even office. Remove drugs, sex, alcohol, food, or other triggers that may be tempting you to stay in an addictive relationship.

Plan activities with positive people

You must try to replace negative feedback and energy with positive feedback from other sources. To do this, surround yourself with positive persons who value what you offer them. Build new relationships and enjoy time with thriving people.

Set personal goals

Due to bad relationship, people often start ignoring themselves. To avoid this, you must set goals like going for a promotion at work, starting to train for a fitness event or try picking up a hobby. If you’ll set personal goals and, put effort and time to achieve them, you’ll feel start feeling disconnected from addictive relationship.

Learn how to stop being consumed by love

When we pin all our hopes and expectations on one person or thing, we’ll be destroyed. That thing or person can’t hold up under the weight of all our dreams and hopes! A person or things simply can’t be everything to you. So you must learn to stop being consumed by love in an addictive relationship.

Deal with withdrawal symptoms

After a break up, you may feel loneliness, pain and depression. You must give yourself to heal and come out of the trauma of addictive relationship. You can also seek help from a professional therapist.

Start a new relationship

It’s always good to look for a new partner after a break up. You must visit, the world’s renowned marriage site. Here you’ll surely find a loving partner and you’ll forget the bad memories of your addictive relationship.



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