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Are healthy to play online games?

A few days before the school started, my cousin took his baby to the mall to buy his shoes. He already had a good price pair in one of the shops. "Well, do you like them, are they good?" He asked the kids as he tried them, quite proud of her choice. Mihai shook them up and looked at his watch all the time. "Yes, let's take them and go!" From a mail, the kid was not very pleased with the choice of his mother, but he wanted to get rid of the chore as quickly as possible and get home. "Are you sure you do not want to try others? We are not very well with the money, and another couple can not take you too soon ... "His mother was beginning to get mad - it was clear that the boy did not like his shoes, but he bothered her most that he did not give him the money on the ritual of their "buying", which she had prepared from time to time. And he had a good reason. "Come on, Mommy, let's go, for a quarter of an hour we have war!" He finally revealed. My cousin knew vaguely about what it was - the weekly war of 4Story, scheduled at a certain hour, which Mihai could not miss in any form, because they needed him. He had been playing the game for more than half a year, had almost the maximum level, the best weapon in the game, and could not leave his comrades fighting. His mother would never have understood these things. And then he sighs: rl (real life) may be so feeble sometimes, you have to go to school and buy your shoes.

Markus has a sense of admiration for me: I am a mature man, close to his mother's age, who plays games, knows what an event is and how to behave with a noob (a person from the game, has to play and does not give signs that he would like to learn). He even made me an account on a game stream, but I did not use it, I explained that I only play one game - Atlantica Online (a MMORPG, of course). Recently, I told her that I was offered a job in the game, the Officer (a kind of leader) in the guild of which I have been part of for almost a year, paid with money from the game, and that I do not know whether to get it accept or not. Mihai understands me perfectly because we speak a common language. And I understand him. For example, it seems to me nothing wrong that he and his best friend, Alex (who lives in two blocks away) meet daily, sometimes only at play, and spend good time together (in fact, their characters ). While their avatars form a party and start it together in combat, the two youngsters co-ordinate each other by phone (unlimited minutes): "Come on, we go to that map (from map = map = game scenario) ... have put on new maps! Here it comes! Are you stupid? Did not you see that mob? (mob = virtual monster). Give him magic ... you know I do not have enough Magic Points! Give it to your head! You stand for a boss! (boss = bigger and stronger mob). Yes, that's a lot HP! (HP = health points, ie the boss has a lot of health and dies hard!). Ah! E level 80. Give it a Magic Seal! (Magic Steal = sealing the magic of the boss so she can not attack with spells!) Ah, I'm dead! Invite me, pls! "

But I understand my cousin and her exasperation. Michael has good school performance, but he does not seem to like any particular subject matter. (Yes, because neither mathematics nor Italian can be more interesting than virtual life.) Michael does not do enough sports. (How sweating involves a raid! Unfortunately, it does not!) Mihai does not have enough friends at school in the neighborhood. (But he has enough nicknames like BloodyAss, Killeru, MagicLady etc. with whom he communicates in a real way.) Mihai spends too much of his time in a screen. (Well, over 50 years old there will be no screens and we will spend the actual time in the game. I'm convinced that this will be enough.) Michael spends too much time with the games. (Yes, because they are addictive, and the more they ban them, the more they want to play.)

I have recently seen a documentary about Chinese gambling addicts brought by desperate parents into a kind of "reeducation" establishment (created in the Chinese spirit, of course). It was more a correctional school - with refreshing gymnastics and, in general, a lot of sports, regular meals, a kind of group therapy where the psychologists explained how harmful the games were and what "sins" to the society commit if they play online, and the kids gave their elbows, laughing, the time of extinguishment, and of course no gadgets, no connection to the net. The teenagers in the film stoically suppressed all this time of prison and abstinence and talked non-stop with each other about their virtual performances. The film has frightened me a bit - these children do not live in real life at all, they just break them, they only live through their characters. They can not be cured. However, one of them says, at one point: "We are not robots. And we do not even play with robots. Behind some avatars, some nicknames are real people ... like me, like you! I'm coming into play with their real feelings. I am a shy boy, in the online game, I feel strong, appreciated. Life in the game is perfect! "


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