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And Now, the Engagement Ring!

The hardest part is over: you have found your companion; The special person you want to spend the rest of your life on. WOW, it sounds really big! So now the search begins for something special that symbolizes their relationship and commitment that have given each other. There is no pattern for emotion, for relationships, and of course, each is unique, and that something must be as unique as the love that liberates them. If you're still confused and you're not sure what I mean, here's the answer: the engagement ring.
In ancient Egypt, the circle symbolizes the endless cycle and is where and when the story of engagement began. And if you wondered why the band was to be placed on the left hand's fourth finger, the old Egyptians again have an answer as this is where they placed it because they believed the fourth finger has a vein that leads to the heart. Even the name of the hub is "the vein of love" (or the vein amoris). Of course, we now know that this is not the case, but the tradition remained, and yet I found the story behind it quite charming and romantic. And moreover, it is safer not to rub with the ghosts of the ancient Egyptians.
Later, the Romans continued, but the importance of the ring they gave was not so romantic. They were signs of possession. The Greeks also used them, but the role of the engagement ring we know today began when Pope Innocent III in the 13th century established a wait between a proposal or a promise of marriage and the wedding ceremony. Of course, the engagement band showed the couple's devotion to another during that time.
But before the engagement ring from midwest jewelery entered our modern culture with the role that now sounds, it was not what men gave them the choice. Not long ago, before the 20th century, wedding gifts than rings were quite common. Among them, the most common is a sewing spider (girls, do you like it?). Especially during colonialism in America. Later, the women removed the upper part of the finger and made a ring with it. There you go! I wonder what would a timble encrusted with diamonds look like?
Around the diamonds, the archduke Maximilian of Austria Marry of Burgundy gave the first engagement ring in 1477 and now, five centuries later, according to some statistics, 80% of American couples Marry and Maximilian. When the diamonds in the ring showed that it was the groom's condition, they were only affordable for a small portion of the aristocracy. Today, the situation is completely different because not only those who have more money can get them. Being absolutely beautiful and at the same time accessible, while virtually indestructible, diamonds are today linked as a symbol of eternal love.
Of course, choosing the perfect engagement ring with or without a diamond is a big problem, and it can be a bit difficult, but it doesn't have to be a horrible experience. It is definitely a unique search if you are looking for a unique ring that you will not find in the jewelry catalog. The same relationship does not exist and it is understandable that couples are interested in finding an equally unique ring for their engagement. So if we know that diamonds are not unique (do we mention that 80% of women in the US are offered a diamond engagement ring?) You can try some unusual and unusual gemstones like aquamarine (my favorite) or tanzanite if you prefer dark blue. something quite different There are so many options. Hi, and when I said that diamonds are not rare, I didn't mean they should be fired. Never fire a diamond! There are many rings with certain patterns and different gemstones, so they are amazing rings with diamonds that add an accent to a central stone. Remember the engagement ring of Lady Diana (and later Kate Middleton, it's the same ring by the way) with sapphire surrounded by diamonds? It's an absolutely beautiful ring and yes, the price is just as great, but of course you don't have to spend $ 300,000. It's just a good illustration for the defense of diamonds.

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