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Amazon – The Best Technology Provider for You

Smart speakers that act as a virtual assistant for your home, room or office have been quite the buzz now in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. While the competition and availability of these sound speakers might seem reaching the top of the skies, it is known to everybody that the retail giant Amazon is the first one to release a product using the said technology. Amazon Echo is the first personal smart speaker in the world. The success and positive amazon echo review made other tech giants such as Google and Apple to also release their own smart speakers. But what makes amazon echo distinct from its competitors? Here is our amazon echo review.

Amazon Echo is one of the most stylish yet very functional smart speakers out in the market today. It comes with a wide range of finishes. However, the premium feel isn’t felt that much since it has physical volume up and down keys instead of just having a rotating volume control. Connecting to an external speaker is also easy with the amazon echo since you can hook up one using a built in 3.5 mm output or Bluetooth.

Configuring the Amazon Echo is also very easy as you only need to install the Alexa app in your smartphone. Alexa is like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant’s nemesis, and you can also ask her the usual questions or commands such as the weather or traffic conditions, and even the casual ones such as telling you a joke.

The industry of TV sticks and streamers that uses the HDMI technology is also on the boom these days. It has made your TV smarter to use and you can now integrate your daily dose of Netflix, Hulu or even Youtube shows directly from your HDMI-enabled TV. The likes of Google Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV is now slowly capturing TVs and entertainment devices all over the world but we will tackle the Amazon Fire TV Stick and compare it with other TV sticks out in the market today.

For starters, the amazon fire tv stick looks like your usual USB Flash Drive but it has a HDMI plug instead. Even if its just small, you need to make room all around it for its Micro USB cable to fit for its power requirements. However, Amazon is aware that it could be a problem for some so they also included an HDMI extender on the package. The remote included is also very simple to use, however its iOS and Android App makes your remote left behind.

Amazon is one of the best technology providers on the market today. With their offers such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kindle and Alexa, they provide people with tools to make their lives easier. They are also providing the best kindle ebook reader for people especially bookworms to make their reading experience a whole lot fun and enjoyable. Have a hold of the best kindle ebook reader now by visiting

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