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Amazing Powers of Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS has become one of the most important tools for advertising and business promotion today. It helps you to reach out to millions of customers online with ease and convenience.

“This festive occasion we have brought for you enough to celebrate. Hefty discounts and prizes are for your taking. Visit our stores or buy online before the limited time offer expires”.

The above is an example of the short messaging services or SMS sent to numerous recipients, many of them unknown through the bulk SMS gateway. If you are a cell phone or other mobile device holder, you must be familiar with such messages known as SMS.

With the advent of mobile devices with messaging features, advertising world has found a new and powerful tool in form of bulk SMS. Its power in reaching out to a host of target clients in next to no time is amazing to say the least.

Relevance of Bulk SMS:

How is SMS sending in bulk helpful for your business promotion or target achievements? Following facts require specific attention of the viewers.

  • One of the major aspects of commercial world and online business promotion is revenue generation.
  • This can be only possible by reaching out to huge number of potential clients that are accessible using mobile devices and the bulk SMS gateway.
  • Using SMS for advertising can dramatically cut down the huge expenses that are required for such purposes.

What is SMS?

SMS or short messaging service is the process of sending desired messages over mobile devices, especially on cell phones and other such devices like iPhones and Galaxy Notes that are used to spread buzz about a particular product or services promoted by an enterprise. It can substantially help in brand establishment and getting recognition on the web about the brand that is being promoted.

Purposes for Use:

Some of the main purposes for which the bulk SMS is used include the following.

  • Sending messages to the potential customers making them aware of the products, services, and various offers and incentives given by the provider company.
  • Brand promotion ensuring cost economy.
  • Product launching and spreading the news at low costs.
  • Reaching out to the vast community of potential customers in quick time.

Integral Part of Ad Campaign:

Thus the bulk SMS and use of SMS gateway have become an integral part of the ad campaign of most of the business concerns. While top brands also use the SMS for promoting their latest products and creating brand awareness, the service is more useful for the small and medium business enterprises that cannot match the resources of their larger counterparts in terms of investments and manpower utilized in advertising and business promotion campaigns.

Cell Phones are Powerful Medium:

For sending such messages the cell phones have become the most powerful medium. In fact, cell phones have become synonymous with the personality of people using them. There are hardly people who does not use cell phone these days and that is why SMS sent in bulk to these cell phones help the enterprise launch an effective ad campaign at affordable prices.

Even if 10-15% of the recipients respond positively, it can change the fate and stature of the business dramatically.


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