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All you need to know about hair loss treatment in Lahore

All you need to know about hair loss treatment in Lahore

Hair loss, which is also known as Alopecia or Baldness, refers to the loss of hairs from the parts of the body, particularly head. It can either be due to some common reason or not so common but occurs both in male and females, equally demoralizing. Though men are more exposed to hair loss and females can only face thinning of hairs at the very top of the head.

Types of Hair Loss

Commonly, hair loss is divided into three types, easy to understand:

1.      Male-pattern Hair Loss

2.      Female-pattern Hair Loss

3.      Telogen effluvium-thinning of hairs

Common Causes of Hair Loss

·         Physical/Emotional Stress

·         Pregnancy

·         Excess of vitamin A

·         Protein/Vitamin B deficiency

·         Genetic

·         Hormonal Imbalance

·         Autoimmune-related Hair Loss

Though there are many of them, the above-mentioned problems are most commonly encountered for hair loss. But don’t worry as nothing in this world goes without treatment. Hair loss treatment Lahore has introduced latest techniques of hair restoration and therapy which will help you regain your confidence in your crew. You might get confused about the hair loss treatment as it is a very sensitive procedure and needs a lot of precaution and care. And every other clinic aspires to be the best in its treatment but quality doesn’t come from just slogans, you really have to nail it and yes, we did.

Hair Loss Treatment Techniques

The modern laser technology has modified all our technical procedures in an instant. Likewise, in the field of hair loss treatment, we experience the most advanced techniques for hair restoration, now being practiced in Pakistan too. Hair transplant clinic Lahore made it possible for its clients with highly qualified and experienced surgeons equipped with latest instruments and techniques. Our fame is our care that we bring up while dealing with our patients. Here are the most commonly used techniques for hair loss treatment and restoration as well.

1.      Hair Grafting/Hair Transplant

2.      Scalp Reduction

3.      FUE and FUT hair Transplant Technique

4.      PRP Hair Loss Treatment

5.      Stem Cell Hair Transplant Therapy

 Well, the treatment is based on the techniques for hair restoration, prevent hair fall or hide the effects of hair fall. The medication for hair loss treatment can help you a lot but surgery is far more the confirmative procedure to regrow your hairs. Though a little invasive but will leave you with no marks behind and you’ll be able to regrow your hairs just like you did once in your life.   For more details click





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