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Airwheel S8 Redefines Self-Balancing Electric Scooter.

09, September 2017: Airwheel S8 has ranked a unique electric scooter from different facets. It is a small electric self-balancing scooter and designed without control shaft. Also, it supports various ways of riding.

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From the pioneer electric unicycle, to twin-wheeled electric scooter and 2-wheeled electric scooter, Airwheel is in an effort to lead the progress of the self-balancing electric scooter industry. Airwheel has undergone several breakthroughs to provide more diversified scooters for the public over a decade’s development. As we know, the Airwheel S6 is the first mini electric scooter in S series without control shaft. Also, it is the first saddle-equipped electric scooter with various ways of riding. And, Airwheel S8 has inherited such merits from S6. S8 double-wheels electric scooter was released in 2016 and has ranked a unique electric scooter from different facets.

A majority hold the idea that the self-balancing electric scooters are only rode by riding, which has become a self-evident fact. The invention of the Airwheel A3 has become a milestone in the evolution of the electric scooter business. And the Airwheel S8 redefines self-balancing electric scooter. Riders can stand or sit to ride on different occasions. What's more, the seat cushion is adjustable for various riders’ heights.

Additionally, Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped scooter follows the new fashion concept: the smaller, the more delicate. Elegant appearance cannot hide the strong and clever "core.” The 10inch wheel and the unique design of exposed tyres make it have adaptability that is more extraordinary in outdoor environment. In order to have a better control experience in standing posture, and to have better load capacity, the seat’s operating rod is designed in C shape.

Also, S8 sitting-posture electric self-balancing scooter can be connected to the mobiles, as Airwheel R &D team has invented an Airwheel exclusive App to take command of the data. The App supports Android 4.3 or higher version as well as ios7.0 or higher version with the initial password: 1111 1111. The central control chip equipped in the inside will collect data and wirelessly transmit it to your phone, so that riders can view the data in real time. Anyway, whatever from the two ways of riding modes or the intelligence, S8 is redefining the electric scooter. For more information, you can search to find more details that are useful.

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