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Affordable & Alternative Engagement Rings

When you think of engagement rings, your mind will usually go to the diamond engagement ring. Nowadays, however, young brides will be more likely to be interested in a ring that says something about them than they are in the traditional rituals. This is good news for those buying the engagement ring on a budget. Read on to find out more affordable and unique engagement rings.

Changing the Involvement of Involvement Calls

If you have been shopping for engagement ring options, you may have noticed that not only do most couples choose moissanite rings, but many couples choose colorful engagement rings to express their love to the world. Another option for couples to help manage the cost of a complete engagement ring is to purchase engagement diamond set rings. Basically, the bracelets have a set value and design, and they usually have a much faster time than custom-made bracelets.

What is the most expensive ring option?

With a few exceptions, a diamond engagement ring is much worse than other precious metals. There are a few exceptions to this rule, for example, when you buy gemstones that are rare and highly colored. Gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, ruby, and mine diamonds will often be the most expensive gems to look at.

Control your Diamond Cost with 4C's

If you do your research, you will know that there are ways to control the cost of your engagement ring of natural diamonds:


1. Reduce the carat weight of your diamond. Maybe go with the weight of an “off-size” carat compared to the popular carat weight like 1 carat.


2. Go to a lower resolution or color range. To know the best balance of diamond marks on your ring and budget, we recommend consulting our gemologists. Contact our team here.


3. Be strategic by standing. Choose a shape that makes your stone look bigger than it really is. For example, a circular and medium diamond often looks great because of its compact shape.


Transfer to fake ring settings. Halo ring settings increase the size of the center diamond because it forms a diamond frame.

Of course, there are ways to reduce the cost of your diamond if you are placed in a mined diamond ring, but you may find that there are more savvy options than being saved by the size or quality of your diamond.

Many ways to use 4C's (carat, clarity, cut, and color) to buy a beautiful stone: 4C's of Diamonds Guide

Like the look of White Diamonds? Try Lab Diamonds or Moissanite.

The Big Diamond

A lab-shaped diamond is an acceptable way to control the cost of your diamond engagement ring. Usually, you may find that a diamond made in the lab is the equivalent of your budget as it is usually one third of the cost of the same diamonds in the mine. As this diamond method has gained popularity, you will find a variety of colors, cuts, shapes, and carat weights.


If you are looking for another similar diamond method, moissanite can be your stone. Moissanite is usually 20% to 50% cheaper than natural and mineral diamonds. Moreover, they have a rainbow-like sparkle in them. While, lab-shaped diamonds have the same chemicals, textures, and similar physical properties. In our experience, it is always wise to be in the forefront when choosing to give your partner a diamond-shaped lab.

Unique Engagement Rings: Colored gemstones

You may be aware that many brides today prefer colorful engagement rings over traditional diamond engagement rings. Choosing a ring to incorporate a gemstone is a real choice. London blue topaz, amethyst, and precious peridot bracelets make amazing engagement rings without the high price. Even engagement rings of gemstones such as aquamarine and black diamonds can cost less than an engagement ring of the same natural diamond.

Other Ways to Control the Cost of Your Involvement Ring

Consider Some Ways to Buy an Expensive Jewelry Store. If you want to buy your engagement ring on a budget, you may want to consider buying online. Brick and mud jewelry stores are often more expensive because they have additional costs such as their physical and storage store.

Consider Your Choice of Steel. You will find that platinum is often more expensive than a unique gold background. Palladium is an inexpensive metal substitute for white gold. When it comes to 14 karat or 18 karat, the latter is very expensive because it contains a lot of gold. Remember, though, that a lot of gold in metal can easily be found in everyday wear.

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