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Advantages of membrane switch keypad:

Stock membrane switches have been used for a long time in all types of devices and there are many membrane switches manufacturers prefer to use membrane only since it offers many benefits.

Let us first check out characteristics of printable membrane keypad:

- A thickness between 0.8 and 1.5 mm

- A competitive price due to cheap technology

- Excellent resistance to extreme climatic, chemical and mechanical conditions.

- Protected devices and for those resistant to chemicals and organic substances

- Each device made with membrane keyboards can be individually designed

Currently, we find in the market two types of keyboard, the so-called membrane, and mechanics. It is the latter who are gaining more and more followers because of the advantages they bring to the user.

 Membrane switch keypad has become especially fashionable among the most enthusiastic of computers and people use the PC to play at a certain level. Qualities such as registering a keystroke when detecting a minimum of pressure make these devices very attractive when the response time is crucial.

Advantages of membrane switch keypad:

Touch sensations:

One of the main reasons why people switch to a membrane switch keyboard. The sensation of typing is much more pleasant since its design has been very careful by the engineers. This "quality" of the sensation may vary between brands, but in general, it is always much more pleasant to touch to work with a membrane keyboard.


The durability of a keyboard is usually measured in the number of keystrokes it resists. In membrane keyboards, it is usually around 10 million keystrokes. In membrane keyboards, we find values ​​close to 50 million keystrokes. This means that on average, and in theory, a membrane keyboard can last five times longer than a membrane one.


The mechanism that detects the pulsation of a membrane key means that at the slightest pressure, it is registered. This greatly reduces the response time at the press of a key, which is superior in conventional membrane keyboards. If you are a gamer, this response time can make the difference between winning or losing a game.

Highest N-Key Rollover:

This functionality allows each key that is pressed to be scanned differently by the keyboard. This may seem silly but allows when we press several keys at the same time, they are correctly identified. In old or low-end keyboards it is not normal to find N-Key Rollover. membrane keyboards usually have this higher parameter, allowing you to press a greater number of keys at the same time and everything works as it should.










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