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About the importance God gives to children

We are all important to God and he loves us from the moment of conception. However, children seem to have a special place in the heart of God and there are verses in the Bible where we perceive how precious they are in the eyes of our Lord.

1. God created us and formed us:

Each of us is unique and special to God. He formed us with much love and great detail. Our heart should jump with joy in adoration every time we remember this: we are special and wonderful creation for God, and he delights in us.

2. God knows us from the first moment:

God knows us from the moment of gestation when we were so small that nobody could see us and not even our parents knew of our existence. Human beings are unique, made in the image and likeness of God. He loves us much more than we can imagine and takes care of us. God has designed our days from the beginning and has good plans for us.

3. Children are a blessing:

We should not see children as a burden or as a responsibility too difficult to bear. Children are a blessing, they have childlike faith they are an inheritance from God and a reward for our lives. We must love them and appreciate them. It is a great privilege and honor that God grants us, children, to be able to see them grow and raise them in the fear of the Lord.

4. Children as an example of humility:

We are humble when we recognize our limitations and weaknesses. With child like faith, children ask for help when they need it and ask for forgiveness when they should.

Then they continue with what they were doing without holding a grudge. We need to learn from them to ask God and others for help without being ashamed or feeling that we have failed. We must also learn to ask for forgiveness without holding a grudge and then move on with God's help and direction.

5. We have to teach them to love God:

God longs for us to know and love him since our childhood. Parents are responsible for teaching our children to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our strength.

This is best done by example. If they see that our love for God and the desire to please him are the basis of our actions, they will learn to live a life that glorifies God.


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