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Abdelhak Bensaoula is a Highly Qualified Person Having Rich Technical Expertise in Various Fields

Abdelhak Bensaoula is not just highly qualified but also has a very rich technical expertise. Abdelhak has been in the industry for over 20 years now and over the years, he has gained a very good technical knowledge and expertise that ranges from basic materials science to prototype fabrication and testing. Abdelhak is a technical wizard who has varied experience across so many fields including Academic and Industrial Training, R&D/Engineering and Project Management. Abdelhak Bensaoula started his journey as a research professor in pace Vacuum Epitaxy Center, U of Houston. He was a research professor of Physics. He then went on to become a member of the Research Directorate in the Texas Center for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials, University of Houston. He then became a research professor in Joint Appointments in Physics for Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Houston. He also worked simultaneously as a member of the University of Houston Faculty Senate and the Research and Scholarship Committee in University of Houston. Impressed by his work, abdelhak bensaoula then got an offer to head the Nitride Materials and Devices Laboratory, Physics in University of Houston.

During this tenure, Abdelhak represented the Research Faculty on the NSM graduate committee and then again got a joint appointment as a Research Professor in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Houston. Abdelhak then took up work as the Editor of Journal of Smart Materials and Coating Technologies for the North American region. Abdelhak then quickly started climbing the ladder and rose to the level of becoming the Lead for Research Strategy for the development of a new product at the Integrated Micro Sensors Incorporated. In the year 2015, Abdelhak joined a new company called the Green Technology Solutions. Abdelhak now works as the R & D Manager in the company. With so many years of work experience, Abdelhak has become an expert in so many areas that include generation and storage, Low power electronics and sensors, Renewable energy harvesting, Semiconductor device fabrication tools and methods, High efficiency lighting, Materials for super ambient applications (high and cryogenic temperatures), Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials and Ultra High Vacuum technology systems design. Apart from these, Abdelhak is also familiar with R & D road map development and has good knowledge about various methodologies involved in the Strategic Program Implementation and Evaluation. Abdelhak is also good at writing and evaluating proposals.

Abdelhak Bensaoula is a ideal person. He did Ph.D in University of Houston, U.S.A with stream of Physics in 1990. He did a Masters of Science in Process Control and Monitoring at, University of Houston, U.S.A in 1980. He did Diplome Etude Superieure in Physics, at University of Oran, Algeria in 1977. For more details follow our website.


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