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A perfect guide to choose the right surfing wetsuit for Women and Girls!

Are you looking for a surfing wetsuit for women and girls for your next outing to the beach? Which type of surfing wetsuit you should buy depends mainly on the water temperature, the season when you want to go, and the frequency of your surfing. If you are looking for help to buy a surfing wetsuit for women and girls, whether a spring suit or something for warm weather, here is the perfect guide to help you choose one for your next buy.

Just read on and follow these steps…

  1. Know the purpose of a wetsuit

The first and the foremost question is that why do you think you need a wetsuit? What is the need that a wetsuit fulfills? Well, they are used when you are going for water activities and help keep the core body temperature very warm and flexible and not just to keep the body completely dry which is a misconception.


  1. Check for water temperature

You need to check the temperature of the water in order to decide whether you need a spring suit or a warm one and to decide the length and thickness of the wetsuit too.


  1. Frequency of surfing

You need to ask yourself how often will you surf and accordingly decide on the quality of the suit you wish to buy. If you are an avid surfer, go for an expensive wetsuit of high quality and if you are just a weekend or once in a month type of a surfer you can probably get away with a less expensive one.


  1. Decide the thickness of the wetsuit

Thickness is an important factor to be considered for the warmth you need. Surfing wetsuits for women and girls these days are made of neoprene which comes in varied thickness depending on the ocean temperature where one wishes to go and surf.


  1. Wetsuit construction that you prefer

Construction is an important factor in deciding the wetsuit to be bought as it contributes to the comfort, durability, and warmth provided by a wetsuit. Following are the various options for stitching available for a wetsuit:

  • Flatlock Stitching: It makes the stitching visible as the panels are stitched from both inside and outside.
  • Sealed: In this, the panels are stitched blindly and pasted with glue and is needed if water temperature goes below 60 degrees.
  • Sealed and taped: It is the warmest method of wetsuit construction.
  • Full zipper: As the name suggests, it has a zipper which runs back the whole spine but offers the least flexibility.
  • Half zipper: In this, a zip covers the back of the suit and it provides increased flexibility.
  • Zipperless: It doesn’t have any zipper and has to be stepped into to wear which is very difficult. But it provides the maximum flexibility and warmth.


  1. The quality of the neoprene fabric required

Depending on the stretch required, you can decide the quality of the neoprene and the money you should spend on it.

  • 30% Super stretch: It covers the areas that need the most flexibility i.e. the arms, shoulder, and the back and is the least expensive.
  • 60% Super stretch: In addition to the previous one, it also covers thighs to knees area and is medium priced.
  • 100% Super stretch: This covers the entire suit and is the best, lighter in weight but the most expensive one though.


  1. Decide your comfortable fit

A wetsuit should fit like a second skin and you should be comfortable while paddling and it should not hurt the arms or legs. Therefore, decide the one that fits you best and buy it.

No need to worry about getting the right Surfing Wetsuits for Women & Girls . Whether it is about finding the perfect spring suit or a suit for summers, it should not be Hercules’s task anymore. Just choose the one with the desired thickness, construction type, fabric quality and the fit and you are good to go out and surf comfortably!!


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