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A guide to perfumes and personalities

Research shows that there is a relation between the personality of a person and her choice of perfume. So if you are seeing a woman for the first time, you will be able to know a fair bit about her personality from the perfume she wears. However, if she has worn a perfume that is not hers or has won the same from any win prizes online site, you will probably get the wrong idea. But in all other cases, perfume often matches one’s personality.

Here is a comprehensive list of the types of perfumes and the common traits of women that wear them.

Woody Perfumes

This type of scent is warm and earthy and often reminds individuals of scents associated with cedar, sandalwood, or patchouli. Often these fragrances have a touch of citrus that gives it an aromatic scent.

Personality trait – A woman who wears a woody perfume is a nature lover for sure.

 Floral Perfumes

Floral scented perfumes are some of the most widely sold perfumes. You can even find a few floral perfumes as prizes at a few win prizes online sites.

Personality trait- These scents are ideal for women that are feminine, romantic, and like traditional scents. The women who wear it must like to dress up and wear delicate makeup.

 Oriental Perfumes

Oriental scents often include ingredients like - vanilla, exotic flowers, cinnamon, and clove.

Personality trait- These fragrances are perfect for exotic women who enjoy being bold. These women have a unique personality and warm sensuality. They usually enjoy making a statement.

Fruity Perfumes

These fragrances often contain ingredients such as melon, peach, raspberry, and apple. Women that enjoy them love the fragrance of fresh fruit. They also like scents that are citrus and spicy.

Personality trait - Women that might enjoy this kind of scent are young and energetic.

Green Perfumes

These are overpowering fragrances made from ingredients like violet leaves, ivy leaves, and rhubarb. Green perfumes are also a favourite among outdoorsy male. These fragrances too can be found in popular win prizes online sites on the web.

Personality trait- Women who love green perfumes have a relaxed personality. They love being outdoors and enjoy earthy smells.

Different perfumes appeal to people with different personalities. Some like floral perfumes, while other enjoys the energizing zing of a citrus perfume. Nowadays, you can find perfumes that have a floral, fruity, and green or woody note. That makes it a perfect perfume for every personality. Such perfumes are easily available in the market and can be found in win prizes online sites as well.

Perfumes are a great gift for the women in your life. But before you purchase a perfume for your loved one as a gift, keep her personality in mind before making up your mind. Let her personality guide you towards the perfume she would love.


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