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A Guide to Drinking in Croatia: What Not to Miss?

When you are in Croatia, you will travel and explore a lot of things. You will taste the delicious Croatian food and of course, you will want to have some booze to make things light and a bit more fun. But don’t go looking for your regulars. When you are in your villas Istria try the Croatian liquor and experience a whole new variety of drinks. Have a look at the top choice that you should not miss:

1. Rakija: It is the national drink of Croatia and this makes it pretty much clear why you cannot miss out on this one. Packed with 40% alcohol, it is had before the meal with figs and every place in Croatia will have a special take on this fruit brandy. Istria will offer you rakija made with honey or mistletoe while in Dubrovnik, it will be made with anise!

2. Croatian Wine: Yes, Croatia has its own wine as well. You can have plavac if red wine is what you vibe with or look for malvazija or traminac if you are the white wine type!

3. Croatian Beer: If you are not a wine person, you can have some Croatian beer. Ožujsko and Karlovačko, owned by Heineken can be your drinks in Croatia.

Now that you know, what to try in Croatia, you should make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these. And what is the best way to enjoy these exotic drinks? While enjoying in your holiday house Istria directly on the sea with pool (ferienhaus istrien direkt am meer mit pool)!

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