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A Compassionate Care for All Pets

Being a perfect hospital in Kamloops, Tranquille veterinary clinic welcomes every pet and delivers a personalized approach to each of them. Animals are our closest friends with whom we share our day, food, mood, and the whole life. So keeping an animal at home means that we consider it as our family member. As a result, we start taking care of their health as we do for our own children. However, we cannot alone prevent all the possible diseases or take up the needed measures when they get some injuries. That is why having a reliable pet clinic beside you is just a necessity. Tranquille veterinary clinic offers high-quality pet care services, so you can rest assured that this Animal Clinic Kamloops will never leave you alone with your pain. You can get a wide range of services here. From dental and spaying/neutering services to various complex surgeries and nutritional plans, this Animal Clinic Kamloops is ready to take care of your pets' needs and provide a professional approach.

You can fully trust this Kamloops vet clinic as it is equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and the best staff to take care of your canine and feline companion perfectly. You cannot find such a friendly team than this as the Kamloops vet clinic has built an amazing team. Once visiting this clinic, you will come back again and again as you will never have any reason to look for other hospitals when needed. Delivering a compassionate care of the highest quality, Tranquille veterinary clinic also gives the needed advice to all pet owners so that they will be able to take care of their furry friends in an excellent way. Every procedure at this clinic is based on the most innovative yet proven methods. These vets always develop their techniques so that all the services will be provided according to the latest trends. 

Offering various kinds of vet services, the clinic also offers a Dog soft tissue injury treatment. You can get this service at the most affordable price. Dogs are playful creatures and as they are very active they may get various kinds of injuries while playing. As a pet owner, you should be very attentive to your dog as sometimes it can get an injury but it won't be visible. Each problem should be solved earlier so that future health issues won't arise. When you bring your dog to Tranquille veterinary clinic, the vets will handle a diagnosis and analyze your dog's condition. Once the diagnosis is determined by the specialists, the vets will take up the needed measures. In general, soft tissue injuries can be located in any part of your dog's body. However, you should also know that there are some symptoms that can help you realize the problem. This includes limping, vocalization especially at the time of injury, swelling of the trauma site and panting. This clinic will provide you with Dog soft tissue injury treatment and give your dog anti-inflammatory medication to speed up the process of healing. Your dog will soon regain its energy and become as active as it was before!

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Tranquille Road Animal Hospital is best pet care clinic in Kamloops, BC. We provide vaccinations services for breeds dogs. Call us now at (250) 376-6797 and schedule an appointment today!

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