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9 Best Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone & Its Price

The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is considered as being the most auspicious stone among all available gemstones. Its association with the greatest planet Jupiter is the rationale behind its auspiciousness. The planet Jupiter is rewarded with the status of Teacher of nine planets and it symbolizes wealth, luck, fortune, prosperity, union bliss etc.

Yellow sapphires are now a popular choice for a gemstone center stone, they come in a wide range of yellows from light to dark. Far more affordable than yellow diamonds and boasting a much greater variety in colors and cuts, there is no question why yellow sapphires are the best option.

If the benefits of Jupiter diamonds could be summed up into a single word, I would personally choose the term growth. Virtually all the results that our client's experience is related to the quality in some way or another. With very powerful yellow sapphires, occasionally this expansion happens faster than the wearer may have been expecting, and some adjustments need to be made to accommodate the new momentum being experienced. When planning to get a yellow sapphire, it is good to also prepare for this forthcoming force of expansion in your own life -- spiritually, personally, and professionally. When knowingly working together with Jupiter's benevolent graces, also maintaining the heart and the brain open to new and profound growth, our customers report enormous success with our yellow sapphires, particularly as the outcomes compound over time.

What is the Price of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone?

Pricing of yellow Sapphire gemstone depends on its Cutting design, Color, Transparency and Luster. A Good excellent stone ought to have reasonable transparency to allow light to pass through & notable Yellow Color.

As per present Indian marketplace, the finest quality yellow sapphire stone price range starts from Rs. 2000/- per carat and may extend up to 50,000/- per carat depending on contour, cuts, and clarity of gems

The yellow sapphire stone encircles and enriches powers of the planet Jupiter in the world and derives its capacity to assist in the favor of someone who adopts this stone. Below are few Advantages of sporting Yellow Sapphire:

  1. It brings luck and fortune in the life of its wearer.
  2. The stone derives riches for the wearer in a quick time.
  3. It's also tremendously auspicious for those individuals who are at the depression and full of negativity.
  4. The stone is the most auspicious for unmarried women as per holy books and scriptures. Thus, girls who are not getting married or never finding a perfect life partner can wear this stone.
  5. This stone brings joy and joy to the family of the wearer.
  6. People that are at the government services or working within the field of accounting, writing, and acting may wear this stone since yellow sapphire stone assist them to attain fantastic heights in their various careers.
  7. It aids in healing problems related to bones, particularly shows efficient to curb joint pain. Aside from that, this stone also functions as a powerful antidote for cough, piles and lung ailments.
  8. If one is suffering from Jaundice, then they could mix the Yellow Sapphire's powder honey and take it with water which will aid in recovering from strain jaundice.
  9. If an individual is having a foul mouth odor or bad breath, he/she are able to keep a yellow sapphire piece in the mouth which will aid in cutting the mouth odour.            


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