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7 Web Design Principles To Follow For Successful Online Business

Merely designing a website is not sufficient to run a successful online business. A website being the representative of you brand and services, it must be designed professionally to ensure that it sells. You need to look into the matter that your design sells, draws in potential customers and boost up marketing of your product and services. Designing user friendly websites thus should be the goal.

Keep the following tips in mind to design your website with an edge.

  • Follow visual hierarchy to judge well what in your website needs the focus and what does not. Try to see the designing venture from a different perspective rationalizing the viewer's perception. Thus judge accordingly which area you need to strengthen, the content part, or the Call -to-Action, or the promotional ads.
  • To make the website visually appealing, do remember that proportion is the key. Thus make a proper planning keeping in mind a proportionate division among the content area, side bar, website block breakage, and website height. Design a website with a proper knowledge of all these.
  • Do follow Hick's law to declutter your website. Making the menu bar congested with irrelevant options and choices is of no credit. Rather keep the menu bar simple stripped off extra details. However, a poor product line is likely to turn off the viewers thus keep enough choices in the product and service segments to help the viewers with decision making. Share ample number of relevant links to make sure that your site is an all-encompassing stop for dodging the queries of the viewers.
  • Keep Fitt's Law in mind to motivate viewers to click on the web page that will in turn boost up conversion rate. It is desired to be kept on the left bottom corner of the web page, having 60 percent more accessibility when compared to the rest of the page. Depending on the frequency of the button's usage on the part of the viewers, determine its size. The target area and its function can be placed before the viewers with more clarity when a button is thus incorporated.
  • Images being the source of attraction, hire professional web designers with updated knowledge on web designing to frame the image segment. Follow the Rule of Thirds. An image must be imagined into nine equal parts by placing two equally distanced and placed horizontal and vertical lines with the the major compositional parts placed at the intersection points of the lines. The major elements are to be placed at the points of intersection.
  • Make smart use of the white space or the so called empty space. For the white spaces focus on type, images and colors. However don't make the web page messy filling it up with more than enough images and graphics. It tampers the beauty and smart appeal of the page and creates stress and distraction on the part of the viewers. Clarity is a must for the vital message that the website aspires to extend to its viewers.
  • The loading time of the website's speed must be optimized by the designer. Well, you can understand that no matter how brilliantly you have designed your site if the viewer is bored with its dragging and detaining loading speed, he is likely to get pissed off. Thus the designer must pay attention to optimizing the loading speed of the site.

Design a website keeping all these in mind and in case you are seeking for a professional designer with a great team having up to date knowledge on web designing, web designer in Port Saint Lucie, Wheelistic Web Design, based in Florida must be your choice.


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Dennis Landy

The author is a web strategist at Wheelistic Web Design who is an avid writer on topics related to web designing, graphic designing and branding.

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