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5 tips to choose the best translation agency

The offer of freelance translators and translation agencies is extensive and, therefore, it is very difficult to choose a professional translation agency. These five tips will help you identify the best translation companies.

  • Native translators of the language to which they translate

Beware of agencies that do not work only with native translators. A professional translator must translate into their native language.

  • Professional translators with a university degree in Translation

Although it is obvious, it is necessary to emphasize that it is not enough to speak two languages ??to be a translator. The translation is studied at the university for years. Entrust the translations of your documents to professional translators with university studies in Translation and Interpretation, or to university graduates in other disciplines with solid linguistic knowledge and specific training in translation. The best translation companies only accept applications from professional translators with a university degree.

  • Specialized translators in the areas on which they translate

There are many specialties within the professional translation sector. A technical translator who translates medical texts must have studied a specialization course in medical translations. In the same way, financial, legal or scientific translators must have solid knowledge of the subjects on which they translate. The translation agencies demand a very rigorous selection process for specialized translators and demand that translators document their academic and technical training. In addition, translators must take complex translation tests to demonstrate their ability as professional technical translators before becoming part of the collaborative database of a professional translation company (click here).

  • Independent review

The translation process must include an independent review by another professional translator. The main advantage provided by the translation agencies that apply the best practices is the guarantee of quality throughout the translation process. Every translation process must include, at least, two mandatory phases:

- The translation of texts by a native translator with university training in Translation and technical knowledge.

- The revision of the translation by a different professional translator in order to guarantee an impeccable translation.

In addition, the best translation agencies include additional phases for quality assurance.

  • Quality certified by ISO 17100

The best translation agencies are certified according to the ISO 17100 standard, the international quality standard of the translation industry and linguistic services, which ensures the application of good practices within the translation industry and details the professional profile that must meet the language translators and reviewers. Also, this quality standard only allows the certified translation company to collaborate with translators with more years of experience.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best translation agency or want to find a professional translation company with all the guarantees of quality, keep in mind the recommendations summarized below. Make sure that your translation service provider only works with translators who translate into their mother tongue, are certified in Translation and Interpreting, have solid knowledge of the disciplines they translate, and have over five years of experience in the professional translation sector. Also, demand that the translation process includes a thorough review by a professional reviewer to ensure a translation without errors. And finally, ask to be shown the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certificates.



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