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What do you usually do after drinking the soda from the metal cans or emptying the metal cartons?

90% of you will answer in the most obvious manner- “we throw away most of the cans and use of them for future storage purposes". Well, there is no doubt that you tend to dump the used soda cans by the roadside dustbin while walking. But, have you ever come across someone who instead of throwing them utilizes them in some productive way?

Most of the people who love to do creative things often make use of the old and reusable items like beverage cans. Either they make lamps or night shades out of the cans or they make some cake stands for the same. Nevertheless, internal decoration can be done in the best way using the cans.

So, let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can utilize the old and head beverage cans.


Most of the times it’s not easy to buy every kind of cookie cutter. Be it the Santa shape for Christmas or the heart shape for the Valentine’s Day, you need everything prepared from before. After all, you need to make the desert perfect for these important occasions.

DIY cookie cutters are actually nowadays used frequently, especially because metal cans are usually available just nearby. Use a knife to cut a thin cross section of the can or you can use the caps to make the desired shape. The easy open end suppliers have made it easier for us to cut the lids and make the desired cookie cutter shape.


Most of the times you don’t have the normal cake stands, especially when you are looking for making a two-tier cake. And when the guests will be here in an hour, you cannot afford to again rush to the market, buy a cake stand, and then decorate the cake.

At such times, tin cans come in handy. Instead of throwing away the cartons, keep them in your storage. The sturdiness makes them a good cake stand.


Rather than buying several small pots for indoor gardening, let’s think of some other way in which you can pot the plants and show your creative styles. The metal cans can be used to make the desired pots for your plants.

However, ensure that you are choosing the correct size and weight of the tin cans. For small herbs, the small cans will be sufficient but for flowering plants or small vegetable plants like lettuce or Brussel sprouts, you need the big cartons. 


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