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5 Incredible Tricks to Revise and Edit Your Essay

We do not always produce the best stuff when we get started. Revision and editing enable us to make the paper refined, crisp and polished. It also provides the chance to look critically at what we have written. Students are usually unable to score top-notch grades because they submit faulty academic essays. As a result, they desperately look for eminent essay writing services to relieve them out of the drudgery.

In this blog, you will learn some foolproof tricks to revise and edit your essays.

Check out the tricks below.
Trick #1: Take a break from your essay:

Essay writers suggest that your emotional attachments to your essays are the strongest while you are still working on it.  A short absence will enable you to reflect on the writing with fresh and less sensitive eyes. Start going through the essay and skim the errors with a fresh pair of eyes.

Trick 2#: Read your paper out loud:

This is a crucial step when you are exhausted and drained in your essay writing process, before your brain starts to play tricks on you. Reading out aloud enables you to spot the typos and errors clearly. It also helps to comprehend the words and the meaning of the essay. As you read your paper loud, the places where your tongue trips and your voice doesn’t flow smoothly indicates that you need to make a few more tweaks before your essay is actually complete.

Trick 3# Check for the transitions:

While revising, go through your essay carefully. It is essential to write an essay that has a smooth flow of sentence that adds to its cohesiveness. Check the transitions of your sentences with the use of words like “therefore,” “furthermore”, and accordingly. In case your content lacks these words, ensure to insert them at the beginning of a sentence. It will enable you to avoid abrupt changes in your thoughts and ideas that you have put forth in your writing. You can seek necessary proofreading essay help if required.

Trick 4# Check the language, tone and voice:

Going through brilliant essay examples will help in understanding that an average essay moves into the “flawless” category when the writer uses vivid words to create a persuasive tone. Ensure that the thesis and topic sentence of the essay sounds vivid, opinionated and interesting. Make sure that your essay incorporates strong language.

Trick 5# Check for errors:

There can be numerous errors in your essays like grammatical errors, error in punctuation, syntactical errors or typos. Therefore, while revising your essay, check for the possible errors in your essay. To make your task easier, you can use online grammar checkers like Grammarly, Duplichecker, Turnitin, etc. Though these automated checkers do not detect every error, but they can spot the obvious ones.

Once you have gone through the entire essay and made necessary changes, give it a final read. Repeat the process as many times until you are satisfied. Nevertheless, if you still find the process to be difficult, you can seek assistance from the essay writing services.


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