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4 interior design concepts that will help you decorate your home

It is not necessary to study architectural design to decorate a house. Today, many people decide to venture into the complex world of interior design, looking for ideas and advice in specialized magazines or websites.

If you are thinking of simple house design, today we are going to talk about five interior design concepts that will help you decorate a house.

To start designing the decoration of a house it is necessary to have an idea. Decorating crazy we can only get a mess. How can we get to have a good idea? Spending time analyzing the space we want to design. 

This idea is called the "guiding idea." In addition to aesthetics, we have to think that our house is practical, cozy, functional and comfortable.

1. Functionality: every design must have a meaning:

One of the basic concepts taught when studying home design is functionality. When we analyze a space we must do it with a sense, solving the problems that it poses. Each space in the home must have a specific function, our mission when designing these spaces is to look for a solution that makes the most of it.

2. Aesthetics: in search of beauty at home:

The concept of beauty is subjective. The tendencies, the fashions, and the social conventions are the ones that end up determining if something is beautiful or it is not. 

There are many decorative styles and they all show us a very different face of this beauty, however, when designing a space it is necessary to do it looking for aesthetic coherence.

3. Innovation: create something original:

interior design has a lot of similarities with fashion, and in the same way that it seeks to be in continuous innovation. Innovating allows us to create new trends and trends that gradually change the concept we have of more traditional decoration. 

A professional designer must be constantly evolving to be able to soak up the new trends and trends that develop in the world of interior design to apply them in their own designs and create authentic, original and unique spaces.

4. Provision: the importance of the distribution of objects:

It is important to know how we should place each object in space. Many errors in interior design are due to the fact that the distribution of objects within a room has not been well thought out. 

Before designing a room in the home, it is essential to draw a scale drawing to be able to play with the distribution of all the elements taking into account their measurements. As interior designers, we must try to find the distribution that best takes advantage of the space within all possible possibilities.


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