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4 Exciting Gym Activities For Tiny Tots

Is your toddler too naughty to be tamed? Is your tiny one hyperactive?

Well. If the case is so, look at the brighter side. Your little one is such an energetic power bomb, with so much of potentiality.

All you need to do is to find out a different way to guide your child’s infinite energy into fruitful activities so that it leads to something better, something positive. Forcefully trying to tame your kid will turn out to be futile. Better would be the idea of keeping your child engaged in multiple activities for kids that would ensure a holistic development on your child’s part. Gym activities can keep a child healthy, positively active, stronger and smarter while making them more intelligent and socially more adaptable.

There are plenty of exciting gym activities that your child would love to do.

Engaging motor activities: Set your child free. But just have a secret agenda. Let your child grow through stuffs it would like to do. Motor activities like jumping, climbing, hopping, somersaulting, skipping, running, spinning and romping are great ways that can help your kid remain healthy and energetic. Let your kid get off the ground, reject sloth and be in a kinesis. The child would learn better how to set up targets, how to meet them and how to be more receptive.

Gym in disguise of game: All work and no play would surely make your Jill or Jim a dumb one. Don’t make it so very boring. Games and sports can break all the boredom and monotony in a most involving manner. Engage your child in gym activities that come in form of games, such like, balancing a bowl or a beam, dumpster diving, walking down on pillows, stomping and catching, targeting balls in baskets, setting up fun obstacles and getting engaged in targeted activities to overcome them and likewise. All these will help your child develop sportive spirits. The child will learn to actively participate.

Enjoyable stuffs that gym offers: Activities like headstands can develop the core muscles of your child. Your child will be sinewy with healthy bone mass. Real workout sessions can be arranged through sportive activities like wheelbarrow, crab and bear walk races.

Animal races: Don’t boggle your brain much about how would you tame your naughty kid. Guide its energy to sportive activities like animal races. The child would learn to meet targets and would develop a sense of timing. Hopping like a bunny or waddling like a duck would bring your kid fun too.

All these activities would help to give your child a better future. Such activities would inculcate within your kid a sense of discipline and your child would learn to interact better, socially. Different psychomotor activities will develop the cognitive faculties of your kid while building up its emotional intelligence.

Thus if you are a resident of Kolkata and is looking out for gym activities for kids in Kolkata, get in touch with The Little Gym, having its branches at Ballygunge and Saltlake. It assures to give your child a great time.


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