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3 Major Gmail Snags and Its Troubleshoots


Gmail is of those services that remain on par for the most part as far as the performance is a concern. However, it couldn’t isolate itself from common hiccups and flaws. In this article, we will be addressing some typical snags with Gmail account and impart some easiest workarounds to fix them.

1. Sync issue

Though Gmail offers seamless compatibility with other email clients, it often failed to sync correctly. There could be numerous reason behind this issue. You may not have the access of all your messages, you may be confronting problem while sending mail, or an error message “account not synced” is continuously messing around with your account. In any of these scenarios, you can take advantage of the following instructions.

Get rid off the outdated version of the Gmail app. Make sure you have the latest version of the application install on your device.

  • Ensure that your internet connectivity is not facing any sort of performance outage. Call your ISP if something goes wrong with your internet connection.
  • Explore your Gmail setting and verify whether Gmail sync is activated or not. Make sure to enable this option all the time in order to get the uninterrupted email services.
  • Wipe out the Gmail application data from the device setting. The overstuffed app data has a tendency to conflict with the app version.
  • If nothing works, reboot your device straight away. Indeed it’s a cliche, yet it works like a pro in a number of cases.

2. Gmail won’t load

If you're accessing your email account with a web browser, and web page won’t load, there are few things you can try to ease out this situation. First, ensure that you’re utilizing the supported version of the browser that adheres 100% harmony with your email account. If this is not the case, then make sure to disable all the extensions that you have recently added.

If Gmail still not load, then you have to draw your attention towards the junk file of the browser, why? The overstuffed cache and cookies have got all the potential mess with email performance. Once you clear up these temporary files, try to reopen your Gmail account again the check whether it works or not.

3. Forget Password

In a nutshell, no one gave the importance to the account password. It’s a silly thing to remember, but it has its own significance. Once you lost it, you have to go through those boring verification process to retrieve it back. However, Gmail offers a password recuperation process which is fairly easy to avail. If you have any issues regarding that, you can contact Gmail Customer support for instant help.


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