LED light is a new generation high bay lighting, which has been widely used in home,office,school, warehouse, workshop, factory tour, Exhibition centre…Which instead of metal halide , high pressure sodium light , and other conventional lights. The place where need appropriate foot candle level lighting.

Even you are a long experience buyer, if you are not in a producing line , you may not know the new trick, As a led light manufacturer, we always insist make the innovation and trouble free led light with affordable price, there are many small factory use tricks to make cheap led light to competitive. For more than 10 years fight with them, we figue out below the most important way the buyer need do the inspection when you work with a led light manufacturer. First, let’s know about the different from traditional light to led light, when you know it , you may realized that the led light you bought even worse then the conventional light.  Not led light worse than traditional lamp, because you bought a poor quality led light.

What is the benefit change conventional light fixture to led light?

Traditional light including metal halide and HPS lighting fixture they takes a long time to warm up, and the lighting easy with flicking not stable. Besides, the conventional high bay lights waste a lot of energy as heat, if use in factory and GYM, the maintain cost is very high. LED high bay light with big advantage on energy saving and life span. And LED lights with high lighting conversion and color rendering , make it emit high uniform lighting and low light decay .

Due to these features, LED light became the most popular energy management and power saving choose. China LED lighting filed with rapidly development, has thousand of led light manufacturer, and price is very competitive. Also, there are many price range and different quality grade. In this article , will tell you the things you need to know to choose a trouble free led light.


The 6 point you need to know to recognition led light quality. 

When work with a new led light manufacturer, you need evaluate the sample first and before shipment need a inspection. But how to do? Let’s start.

1, Check the driver, famous high power driver brand include Meanwell, Philips. Such as Meanwell HLG series, which is high-end series driver with 5years warranty. Besides, CLG series is a second choice with 3 years warranty. The led lamp life span highly depend on the led driver life. If someone tell you warranty 7 10 years, you should check the driver first. Few driver can have 7 to 10 years life span. Why some brand led lights such as GE OSRAM PHILIPS can give 10years warranty, because the big company have deeply and big data, they can figure out the average lighting time per day, usually a family and office lighting turn on 8hours one day, if a led light can reach 50,000hours. Then can offer 10years warranty.

If not a famous brand driver,  how to check the quality, Actually we don’t suggest use the driver with small or no known brand, because driver’s scheme need very long time and many market test. Many country’s current fluctuation is different, the small brand have not so big market and power to test. Ok, let’s back, the core component of driver is IC, IC quality directly influence the driver quality, so you need check the IC brand. Besides, the transformer also very important components. If feel hard to check these components, the first thing need check is the driver’s power factor. A driver PF at least more than 0.9. 

2, Check the LED light power, there are some company use 80W but sell as 100W or 150W , Just change a label.  New entre to the market, some buyer don’t know it, Through the Watt hour meter, we can see the real power, that’s why we suggest do the inspection before shipment.

3, The led chip quality, a good chip should with long life span , low lighting decay ,high color rendering these can be know from the LM79 and LM80 report. You need ask the supplier offer the LM79 80 report. Besides, the led chip working temperature is a very important point, there are very few people know it, because this need very professional lab can test. and the chips packaging technology will influence the quality. Now in the market, there iron frame support packaging chip, copper frame packaging, and golden frame package. To ensure the LED chip life span, must adopt the golden frame packaging. Some factory want make a very low price product ,use the copper even iron frame packaged chip, which will make the light short life span. If use iron frame, the light will dead within 6 month, and light lumen very low.  If you get a very cheap led light, you should consider this. The last point you need know, led chip also with power. if the led light 100W, use 100pcs chip 1w chip, which means the chip has been fully used, and the life span will be short. If we change a plan use 88pcs led chip, but each chip power highest to 3W,even we use it as 1.5W to 2W, It still has space. and when we use like this the lamp life span will last long, and lumen will be higher.  Besides, use high power capacity chip to design the PCB can make it with a small current to reach the requirement power and lumen output, consider long term use , it can save lots of energy.

5, The light housing, the led light heat cooling effect major depends on the alloy lamp body .Besides, the PCB board thickness and heat conduction glue also influence the heat dissipation. But lamp heat sink is most important. Some cheap price heat sink use the wastage alloy material which cause the bad heat conduction, as we talked above , it the lamp temperature higher than the led chip joint temperature, will damage the chip, also influence the driver.  A good heat sink need with good cooling system design and adopt high pure aluminum alloy. How we can know it bad or good? There are three ways, check the weight and the heat sink thickness, check the surface smooth or not, if use the wastage material , the aluminum not enough pure, after high temperature painting, the lamp surface will not smooth. The most quickly way to test, use the thermal imager which can directly show the lamp body inside temperature.

6, According to the working environment other test point with professional test equipment. Such as anti-dust test, when the light work in the workshop such as metal factory, cloth material factory, Water proof test when the light you buy for use outdoor or some work shop are humid. If you buy install in a garden near the sea, it need the salt fog test.


According to the install working environment ,we need adopt different feature lighting , and test the necessary quality basement from POWER, LUMEN,PF,CRI,LIGHT DECAY ,CRI,LIGHT ANGLE…ETC. looking for more different features led light manufacturer to find trouble free led light?keep with us , will update latest led technology.