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2 Things To Check In Faith Based School Post Episcopal School Of Dallas Scandal!

There has been a legal dispute that has been doing the rounds for a long time which is famous as the Episcopal school of Dallas scandal. The parties involved are the Episcopal School of Dallas and the family in which a boy was forced to leave his private school. The reason behind this strict action was that the boy left the premises of his school during the lunch break without any permission from the authorities. Someone at spotted the boy along with few office classmates doing marijuana. Without proper investigation, the case was blown out of proportion.

Get Your Grey Cells Jogging:

The Episcopal School of Dallas scandal make us think as parents should we be in enrolling our children in any school which is based on religion? There are parents who believe that religiously affiliated schools tend to be reliable as they train the students not only for conventional education but also a spiritual well being. However, there are parents who are against such school facilities.

Below mentioned are some pointers that one should consider while enrolling his or her child on a faith-based school without worrying about the Episcopal school of Dallas scandal:

Value-based or faith-based:

Usually schools English in developing values among the individuals at a young age. Would a faith-based school be able to instill the right values in the students? Are religious values truly necessary a need of the hour? You need to question as a parent whether the school procedure is, the lessons that are taught, will help the children in the Future. In a child's behavior at a young age will influence his behavior as an adult. Hence it is important that you cross verify the balance that on the basis of any faith-based School.

Effective leadership:

As a student one should turn out to be a humble human being. Many people argue that faith-based schools incorporate religious ideas. There are chances that a person from such schools might be less humble as well as the religious fanatic. You need to check with the school community if they offer not just high-quality education but also the abilities like religious principles wherein an individual is able to be grounded and have a well-rounded personality. A parent would be able to recognize that the school attributes through the transformational impact on the child.

In the end what matters is that the child studied in any faith-based school should express confidence over a period of time.



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