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15 Best Places to Visit in Ranikhet

Are you looking for the best place to stay in ranikhet? A holiday amidst the lush valleys of Ranikhet isn't confined to natural beauties since there are exciting areas in Ranikhet to be researched in your escape!


Are you currently planning a picnic in Ranikhet? Have a look at the best places to stay in Ranikhet which will force you to, and your nearest and dearest collect the memories together!


Here is the list of 15 Best places that you can’t afford to miss to visit in Ranikhet.


1.      Golf Ground


Golf Ground is to go to in your trip in Ranikhet. Recognized among the golf courses in Asia and Located at an altitude of 6132 ft, this is a luxuriant and sprawling golf floor, surrounded by Kumaon Mountains and lush woods.



2.      Ashiyana Park



Featuring orchards that are herbal, yards, fountains, and above all, child's play area--Ashiyana Park is among the theme parks Uttarakhand but although in Ranikhet. Situated at the town's core, it's among the most magnificent places.



3.      Chaubatia Garden


Distribute over 600 acres of land, Chaubatia Garden is among the best tourist spots in Ranikhet. It's a gorgeous orchard. This landscape is excellent for family picnics and strolls. Chaubatia Garden is only one of the significant Ranikhet tourist areas.



4.      Meraki Homestay – Cozy Homestay



Meraki Homestay is the Best place to stay in Ranikhet because it is best for people who love to travel. Family, friends or even couples, all can come here and make the best of their vacations. You get to live and feel the lifestyle of a pahadi. The property has a beautiful view of the Himalaya’s snow-capped mountains.

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5.      Rani Jheel



It has become a tourist spot in Ranikhet, although rani Jheel is an artificial lake constructed by Cantonment Board of Indian Army for rainwater harvesting. Rani Jheel is a spot for boating, romantic walks, and picnics. Rani Jheel is one of the very romantic tourist spots in Ranikhet.



6.      Sunset Point -- To Get A Beautiful View



From where you can view a sunset Ranikhet is home to sunset things. Majhkhali is just one such screening point in Ranikhet. That will be the most amazing tourist spots in Ranikhet.



7.      Majkhali -- Beautiful View 



Well-known for the immense natural beauty, Majkhali is to see in Ranikhet for serenity seekers. Situated on Almora Road, 12 km from Ranikhet- Majkhali is a picturesque and quaint hamlet, accessible for viewing Himalayan peaks, particularly Trishul. The place is a habitat for varieties of fauna and flora and also famous for a Kali temple.



8.      Maa Kalika Devi Temple 



Kalika is situated at a distance of 6 km from Ranikhet and is well known for its mesmerizing sites. It is one of the most visited places by the travellers remaining in Ranikhet. If you enjoy exploring areas away from the bustle of the city, then you must undoubtedly visit this town situated on Ranikhet's foot Shades.



9.      Manila Village



Manila is renowned for Maa Manila Devi Temple and welcomes tourists staying in Ranikhet. This serene city is home to mesmerizing spots which will revive your spirit. You listen to the favourite folklores of Manila and can socialize with locals here. If you're a nature admirer, then you must head to this place on your next vacay. Manila Village is only one of the very best hill stations near Ranikhet.



10.  Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum -- Patriotic Vibes



This Museum was created by the Kumaon Regiment of Indian Army in the early 1970s to showcase this region's rich heritage. The Museum is home to warfare artefacts currently displaying Kumaon and Garhwal regiments' contributions and accomplishments in the Indian Army. This Museum is only one of the most visited tourist places in Ranikhet.


You can glance together with weapons used medals and by the forces. The Museum provides a large group of relevant documents such as those related to the Kargil war and a silver sceptres of Rani Laxmi Bai.


11.  Tarikhet Village



Another beautiful Ranikhet tourist areas for nature lovers holidaying in here is Tarikhet Village. It's found in a distance of 8 km from the primary city and is well-connected to the major centres. Tarikhet gained popularity as Mahatma Gandhi used to live here during the pre-independence era. You can even head to capture the glance of his presence at this location.



12.  Sadar Bazaar



As it provides household things you surely don't want to miss out for all the shopaholics staying in Ranikhet, Sadar Bazaar is a paradise. You can grab delicious food that is local here to get the vibe of the Kumaon region. This market can be found in proximity to the favourite resorts in Ranikhet.



Are you interested in researching places? Listed below are the favourite religious sites in Ranikhet:


13.  Jhula Devi Temple



Dedicated to Goddess Durga that is mighty, Jhula Devi Temple is among the tourist areas in Ranikhet. Stories show that this temple was built to protect the people from the assault of wild animals of the forests. Numerous devotees visit this place to create wishes and on fulfilment, provide a bell to the goddess for a tradition. This temple is amongst every popular thing to do in Ranikhet.


14.  Haidakhan Babaji Temple



Produced this age-old temple is surely another favourite spot. With gigantic figurines of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, it merely attracts devotees from surrounding regions but also thieves who wish to get married following traditions. This temple must be visited by one. This temple is one of these Ranikhet tourist places that welcome pilgrims and visitors throughout the year.


15.  Binsar Mahadev Mandir



Binsar Mahadev Temple is one of the most visited temples in Uttarakhand. The temple was known during its inception from the 10th century as Bisaona. The temple has been commissioned by King Pithu who worshipped a form of Shiva, Bindeshwar here. There are idols of Hindu deities here. It's possible to spend refreshing hours amidst the impeccable elegance of Mother Earth.





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