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10 tips about how to choose a translation company

Translation services are increasingly demanded by companies and the challenge they face is to decide on a translation company or another. Translating does not consist of transferring the original message with the same words, but to make the message sound natural to the reader and also be attractive.

Currently, due to the digital boom, there are many companies that offer this type of service, but not all of them are optimal. What should we consider when choosing a translation service? Here you have some tips about how to make the choice easier.

1) Specialized translation team

The translation company must have a large team of trained and specialized translators in different fields, led by a project manager. A translator who is not very specialized or who is dedicated to texts of a more general nature could make mistakes. By working this way, any translation request is covered and a good adaptation of the style to the context is ensured.

2) Translation review

It is vitally important to avoid mistakes in the translation process. Therefore, all translations must be reviewed by a second translator, which guarantees the highest quality of these and that the delivery to the client is made without errors.

3) Reduction of the translation processes

The translation company takes care of the entire process: translation, editing and review. In this way, efforts are reduced by the client, freeing him from everything related to the administration of the project.

However, the customer can always provide its opinion, for example, regarding the preferred terminology to perform the translation.

4) Optimization of delivery times

The company's experience comes into play here. You must hire an experienced translation provider, who knows how to manage your translation requests and can cover all translation needs in a short period of time, always maintaining the quality of the translations.

5) Management of a high volume of work

The translation company must have the capacity to work with documents of any size, whatever their extension, ensuring at all times an efficient translation service, according to the deadlines and quality standards.

6) Tools to manage translation projects

The translation company must have quality translation tools to ensure optimal service. Needless to say, those companies that only have Google Translate as an ally should be avoided. In addition, an important factor is that these types of tools are compatible with different formats for text translation.

The act of sending the documents to be translated has to be safe, so transmission systems have to have this functionality and facilitate safe delivery.

7) Service availability and personalized customer service

It is a differential aspect between translation companies and a point of great value for any client. Proper customer service translates into rapid response and good customer service, both by email and by phone. It is important that this communication is personalized and that the client has his own project manager to whom he can consult at any time the status of his translations.

8) Customized translation solutions for each client

The requests of each client are different depending on their needs and, for this reason, the translation company must study each project and its requirements to offer a completely tailored solution.

9) Agility in administrative processes

Administrative processes are an important factor for customers. Having the necessary personnel for this task is essential to perform a good administrative management of each project, separating this task from the translation professionals.

10) Maximum translation quality

The company must have a team of professional translators backed by their experience and training in different areas. Solving any need for translation, whatever the type of translation, from advertising texts to legal texts, is essential for optimal and quality service.

There are specific rules to certify the quality of translations. When a translation company follows these standards is a determining aspect when selecting a company or another.

11) Maximum translation quality

You may find yourself with a wide variety of prices that, sometimes, can vary from double to half. This price variation is due to the fact that not all companies offer you the same, since, there are different qualities of translation. Make sure the type of translation you will receive is well specified.

If you already have the text you want to translate, we advise you to request a quote instead of asking exclusively for rates. Only then you will know exactly which counting method your possible translation provider applies.

You should not rely on a translation company that offers very low prices, because quality has a price. In addition, in the long run it becomes more profitable to pay for a well-made product. Can you imagine having to pay another company again to correct a translation that has been delivered to you badly done? It happens more times than you think.

It is also essential that you pay attention to deadlines. Always ask the translation company how many words they translate and review per day, how long they could have your translation ready and what the budget would be.


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